Got a question?

If you are looking for the answer to a specific question please see our list of FAQs below, if you can’t find what you are looking for you can find contact details below.

How much will it cost to commission the unit?

All Heatstar packaged units installed in mainland UK benefit from a free ‘commissioning’ visit by a Heatstar engineer, following installation, and only when both the swimming pool and pool hall are at the correct temperature. Please contact our service department to book an appointment.

How often should my Heatstar unit be serviced?

Heatstar recommend the Heatstar unit to be serviced twice a year. Servicing every six months will prolong the life of your unit and allow it to run efficiently and economically.

The system cut out light is on, how do I fix this?

If you look towards the bottom of the Heatstar system unit you will notice a sign indicating the reset button, you will need to remove the black rubber grommet from the hole and push this red reset button. By doing so the light should go out. If the light does not go out or the system cut out light repeatedly comes back on after resetting the system then you will require a visit from a Heatstar service engineer.

The Pool water cut out light is on, what does this mean?

This indicates that the required pressure of pool water circulating through the Heatstar system is not sufficient. This can be caused by either a sand filter becoming saturated, which will require a thorough backwash, or there may be a fault with the pool filtration circuit in which case an experienced swimming pool engineer will need to be employed to fix.

Who can service / repair my equipment?

Heatstar employ their own team of dedicated service engineers to ensure expert and effective support on a nation-wide basis. Please feel free to contact our service department to book an appointment.

What is the warranty of my Heatstar unit?

The Heatstar unit is supplied with one years manufactures warranty, but we do offer extended warranties tied into a maintenance plan. Please contact our service department for further information on the various levels of contracts available.

How can I register my Heatstar system so I can be kept up to date with planned maintenance agreements and Heatstar services?

Simply use the registration form to register your Heatstar System, and we'll keep you up to date with maintenance agreements and our services.