Perpetual Innovation

A combination of continued investment and the integration of the latest energy saving technologies available allow Recoswim to offer the most state-of-the-art and energy efficient swimming pool environmental control solution.

Market leading technology delivering:

High quality, high performance

Introducing Recoswim hybrid technology

1. ‘Blue-ec’ on-demand fan technology

Utilising ‘auto-fan’ technology and digital inverters the speed and power of these fans are managed automatically to enable significant energy savings whenever there is low demand for dehumidification or air heating.

2. Cross flow recuperator

The recuperator passively conducts heat from the exhausted pool room air via a series of adjoining plates directly to the incoming colder fresh air. The recuperator is a ‘passive’ device that has no moving mechanical parts and consumes no power in order to function.

3. Dehumidification heatpump

This system creates a cold evaporator coil to condense the moisture present in the air reducing humidity levels. Through this process the heatpump absorbs both latent and sensible energy which is upgraded and recycled back into both the pool room air and pool water. Efficiencies of over 380% are possible through this process.

The latest innovation in climate control

To best complement your bespoke built Recoswim system, we offer the Lynx control package to enhance the system’s performance and usability. With a state-of-the-art touch-screen interface, the Lynx Energy Management System enables users to access and interact directly with their Recoswim system. Based on a pioneering intuitive interface the full colour touch-screen display gives users fingertip control of all control and monitoring functions.


Totally bespoke

Every unit Recoswim manufacture is custom made to deliver the precise individual requirements of the new or refurbished swimming pool application, obviating the need to under or over size performance aspects. Recoswim do not produce a ‘standard’ product. A bespoke system from Recoswim can achieve substantial savings in fuel bills and guaranteed long term energy efficiency. Recoswim units can also be manufactured with many different types of orientation as to best match the customers’ requirements.

Different configurations may include: