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Recoswim believe that after sales support is so vital that it is something that can never be left to chance or, for that matter, in the hands of any third party.

With a team of their own dedicated engineers located throughout the UK, Recoswim are able to deliver an unrivalled level of after sales, preventative maintenance and response support service. These service engineers are directly employed by Recoswim, with extensive experience, and are completely knowledgeable about the entire Recoswim product range. Each engineer works from a fully equipped and GPS tracked vehicle carrying an array of specialist tools and a wide range of spare parts to cover most eventualities.

Recoswim offer planned maintenance agreements on all of their products to ensure that the Recoswim system continues to operate to its optimum performance.

Service plans



Routinely serviced twice per year to ensure the Recoswim is working efficiently and safely


In the event of a breakdown there is no charge for parts


In the event of a breakdown there is no charge for labour


In the event of a breakdown there is no charge for attendance


Service department support hotline

These service and maintenance contracts are renewable annually and there is no obligation for the client to commit themselves to a contract prior to the initial manufacturers warranty expiring. The costs of the contracts vary depending on the model.

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Trained by us

The technology relating to the heating and ventilation of modern swimming pools is fast-moving, highly legislated and environmentally challenging.

By investing in Recoswim’s technical training, held in AstralPool UK’s dedicated training facility, you will develop the specialist knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to install and maintain Recoswim systems as well as advancing your industry qualifications.

Recoswim’s training courses are free of charge and offer genuine practical benefits and certified career enhancing skills development. Ideal for apprentices, engineers, and trade installers alike.

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