Got a question?

If you are looking for the answer to a specific question please see our list of FAQs below, if you can’t find what you are looking for you can find contact details below.

I have an unusual shaped plant room can the Heatstar unit fit?

Heatstar specialise in manufacturing equipment to suit the unique requirements of the plant room. The layout and orientation of the Heatstar unit can be altered to match each individual application.

Can I connect the Heatstar unit to a renewable heat source?

You can connect the Heatstar unit to any kind of heat source on the basis it can provide the guaranteed required kWh output and flow temperature. Typically a swimming pool application would be heated to roughly 30°C and therefore the primary heat source should provide a reasonable flow temperature that would exceed this.

Where are the Heatstar systems manufactured?

Heatstar only manufacture equipment dedicated for swimming pools and all products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Heatstar do not manufacture any aspect of the products in the Far East or Eastern Europe.

Do I need to fit ducting?

Yes, a ducted system with strategically placed grilles to create an air curtain across areas susceptible to condensation is the only way to control condensation in an area of high humidity. A ducted system will also provide an even amount of air distribution across the pool hall.

What Makes Heatstar Different?

Heatstar design each unit for each individual application and therefore you are not needlessly receiving and paying for oversized components. Heatstar are also very flexible in the orientation to be able to suit the plant room, and when required create one off bespoke systems.

When you require a quote or technical assistance you will be speaking directly to a Heatstar employee at the head office on the Isle of Wight where all of their equipment is manufactured.

Why can I not find any general technical specifications?

All Heatstar systems are designed for each individual application meaning there is no standard specification for each model. At the quotation stage Heatstar will supply you with a full technical specification. This gives Heatstar the ability to regularly change components as and when there are improvements in technology to be at the cutting edge of energy efficiency.