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Taurus EC 120 AS Super AR

Nirvana Spa

Nirvana Spa is a luxurious pure water spa in Wokingham, Berkshire.

This multi-award winning pool and spa complex is, quite simply, beautiful. It’s facilities are beautiful, it’s architecture and interiors are beautiful, even it’s food is beautiful

However, behind the scenes and helping to keep Nirvana beautiful is the “beast” – nine of them to be exact – in the form of Recoswim’s environmental control units. Sophisticated and advanced they may be but in terms of their power, efficiency and performance they are the big beasts of environmental control for commercial pool and spa complexes.

Nirvana Spa, this is one of only three spas in the UK with its own underground reservoir of pure water feeding 16 individual water facilities such as a spa pool, relaxation pools, a fitness pool, a Celestial flotation pool and hot tubs with water clean and pure enough to drink.

These beautiful water facilities have now been joined by the Colosseum Suite. Inspired by the Colosseum in Rome this is a large circular pool in a two storey circular building giving two relaxation levels overlooking the central, circular pool.

Two of Recoswim’s climate control units (the Taurus HPXF 120 AS Super AR) have been installed behind the scenes to ensure, in simple terms, that the Colosseum Suite’s air and pool water are heated, circulated, dehumidified and constantly controlled at optimum levels to ensure that pool users can enjoy a consistently warm, comfortable and well- ventilated pool hall environment without excessive moisture and utilising the most energy efficient methods possible.

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