The most energy efficient swimming pool environmental control systems on the market

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True hybrid heat recovery systems from Recoswim


Efficiencies in excess of 140% lower running costs

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For Recoswim, the quality of the after sales service is just as important as the quality of the product

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A bespoke solution that is as individual as your pool

Bespoke systems from Recoswim can achieve substantial savings in fuel bills and guaranteed long term energy efficiency.

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Technology that delivers

Maximum efficiency, minimal running costs

Recoswim utilise the latest energy saving technologies to offer the most state-of-the-art and energy efficient swimming pool environmental control solution.

85% more efficient

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Trusted expertise since 1980

For over 40 years Recoswim have been setting the benchmark in an environmentally conscious industry

Nationwide support

We have our own dedicated team of highly qualified engineers covering the whole of the UK

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Enhance your industry knowledge

Invest in dedicated Recoswim training and you will develop the specialist knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to install and maintain Recoswim systems

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Genuinely made in the UK

With Recoswim you know what you are getting and where it is originating from. If it’s Recoswim, it’s British.

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